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If I have multiple requests for the same item, I sell it to the person whose order arrives first.
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Alabama Residents add 9% sales tax
Shipping Charge in USA * $7.00
Additional Insurance ($1 per $100)
* Shipping inside the USA is by US Postal Service Priority Mail. The $7.00 charge includes $100 of insurance. You can get extra insurance for $1 per $100 of additional coverage. I do not ship by UPS(United Parcel Service) because of their lack of dependable service.
Shipping outside the USA is based on what it actually costs. I use the US Postal Service International Express Mail. Minimum charge is $17.00 for 1/2 pound (about 225 grams), including $500 insurance. I will e-mail you with the exact cost before shipping.
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I usually have only one piece of each item described. If I have multiple requests for the same item, I sell it to the person whose order arrives first.

Orders paid by money order, certified check, or credit card are shipped immediately.

Orders from new customers who pay by personal check are shipped when the check clears the bank. $25 charge for return checks.

I do my best to provide interesting merchandise. Since we each have our own tastes and expectations, I will understand if you wish to return your purchase. I'll accept prompt returns that are in the same condition as when I sent them. Please call me before you send something back. When I receive your returned item, I will refund your purchase price, excluding shipping and insurance.

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