Sheaffer PenI’m a diehard collector of writing instruments and memorabilia from the Sheaffer Pen Company. Love the stuff! Over the years, I’ve collected hundreds of beautiful Sheaffer pens and pencils.

As the collectors among you know, that also means I’ve accumulated a substantial number of “previously owned, non operable pens”. One day, I noticed that plunger filling Sheaffer Balance fountain pens were in abundance in the parts box, and realized that even if I fixed them, I’d have a hard time finding buyers for all of them.

So, I decided to make an adapter that would let me remove the nib, feed, section and related innards ….. and replace it with a ballpoint pen or rollerball refill. Abracadabra ….. the little devil is now a useful pen for filling out those forms that say “press hard, you are making three copies”. In the event, that I want to change back to a plunger filler, the process is reversible.

Sheaffer Pen

If I supply the pen, the cost for one of these conversions is $150. If I use your pen, the cost is $100. Please contact me to find out which colors I have available, and specify whether you want a ballpoint pen or rollerball (each pen can be one or the other, not both). If you have a pen to use, measure how long it is with the cap closed. There were 4 sizes from Sheaffer, and not all will work.

The Southern Scribe Heritage Flat TopOne of my favorite classic Sheaffer pens is the Flat Top from the late 1920’s. So, it was only natural that my workshop tinkering resulted in a custom pen that looks like a Sheaffer Flat Top. I used vintage Sheaffer parts (nib, feed, clip & lever) and modern plastics for the cap and barrel. I dubbed it the “The Southern Scribe Heritage Flat Top”

Since then, a few friends have asked me to make one of my lever filling pens for them, as it is hard to find a new lever filler. When I can find the parts (and they are hard to find, since I do not ruin good vintage pens to get parts) I make a few one-of-a-kind pens. If you are interested, please contact me. Prices start at $695.