Here are some other pen-related websites that I recommend you visit:

John Mottishaw’s Nibworks
John, a former college professor in the field of fine arts, calls himself a “lapsed sculptor”. We call him the “Nib Meister”. He is a great source of custom nibs.

David Nishimura’s Vintage Pens
David and his wife, Margot, are avid pen collectors, and respected scholars in this field. Their expertise is reflected in a website that features wonderful reference material, FAQ’s, books, as well as an extensive pen catalog.

Battersea Pen Home – England
Simon Gray and Sean Lowell operate one of Europe’s oldest fountain pen websites from London. They feature pens that are seldom seen in the USA.

She goes by Sam, but I suspect her Mama called her Samantha. Pen collectors call her Madame President (she is president of the Pen Collectors of America). Her husband, Frank, isn’t saying what he calls her. Sam & Frank are pen enthusiasts and purveyors of vintage writing collectibles. They are well known for inks, inkwells, interesting papers, a variety of dip pens and fountain pens, and one of the best selections of pen books.

This is a great site for everything Caligraphy. Cynthia Garinter has assembled over a thousand links from all over the world for caligraphers. There are many enjoyable hours exploring the diverse number of links on this site.