The Southern Scribe offers pen appraisal of fine writing instruments. You may wish to have your pen appraised for a number of reasons including:

  • deciding the amount of insurance coverage
  • determining resale value
  • valuation of an inheritance
  • planning your estate

I can do pen appraisals for individual pieces as well as entire collections. If you have writing instruments that you would like for me to appraise, please contact me, and describe what you have.

I can give a general idea based upon your verbal description. However, I will need to inspect your pens to give a more exact valuation.

When a pen is sent to me, I print a Certificate of Appraisal, personalized with your name, that includes a description of your writing instrument (manufacturer, model, color, condition, year produced) and the current retail price range. I sign and date it. The cost is $10. If you have multiple pens to be appraised, please contact me and I will give you a quote.

I quote a range of current retail prices in my pen appraisals, e.g. the current value of your Parker Duofold is $250 to $300. This is the price that a reputable pen dealer or knowledgeable collector would charge. Please note that it is not the price a reputable pen dealer would typically pay to purchase the item for resale. Dealers typically will pay a wholesale price in order to have a profit margin.