Gold Plating Example

Gold Plating Metal Parts
$15 for clips that can be removed from a cap (Parker Duofold, Pelikan).
$25 for clips that are plated on the cap (Conklin, Wahl).
$25 to plate cap bands.

My approach is to match the color and surface smoothness of the original finish. I remove any corrosion, small burrs or brassing lines, so the result looks factory fresh and correct. I can plate in 10K, 14K, and 18K yellow gold, plus green, pink, or rose gold. My plating process deposits 15 to 20 microns of gold. I also do nickel, rhodium and silver plating.

“Thanks for doing a great job of replating my gold John Holland ‘Grip Clip’ for me. The roughness from the bit of corrosion is gone, the imprint on the clip wasn’t disturbed, and the color of the gold clip is the same as the gold filigree. These clips are hard to find, and most were nickel plated not gold, so it would have taken an eternity to find another proper gold one. I’m glad to have the pen complete and correct.”

Jack Leone
Batavia, OH