Please type in the requested information, then click on the "All Done " button at the bottom of the page. This will send me an electronic notice that you have completed a Repair Order form so that I can expect your shipment. This is just an electronic notice. If you have questions, please email me seperately.

    When you click on "All Done", it will create a repair order confirmation page for you. Use the print button in your Internet browser and print 2 copies, one for your records, and one to include when you ship your pen to me. Shipping instructions are at the bottom of this page and will be at the bottom of the printout, as well.

    After I get to your repair and estimate the cost you'll have 30 days to send payment. After 60 days your pen will be considered abandoned and will be used for parts. This 60 day time period begins after I get to your repair, not when you send it.

    Which address do you want me to use when I ship your pen back?

    Unfortunately due to shipping and customs issues I no longer accept repair work from outside the USA and Canada. For shipments within the USA, I will return your pen by US Postal Service Priority Mail. The cost is $14.00, including $100 insurance coverage. If you want additional insurance, it is $1.10 for each additional $100 of coverage. If you want more than $1,000 of additional insurance, please contact me. I do not ship by UPS(United Parcel Service) because of their lack of dependable service.

    For shipments outside the USA, please contact me about which shipment method you prefer. The cost will depend upon your choice.

    How can I contact you if I have questions?

    What repairs would you like to have made?

    repair the filling systemrestore black hard rubberrepair cap crackrepair barrel crackplate clipplate cap bandsother platingremove dents in metalremove scratches in plasticremove teeth marks in plasticremove heat stamped name in plasticweld cracked nibstraighten bent nibreplace iridium on nib

    Would you like a Certificate of Appraisal for this writing instrument?

    Yes, I would like a Certificate of Appraisal

    The certificate includes a description of the item (manufacturer, model, color, condition, year produced), and the current retail price range. It is signed and dated by The Southern Scribe and costs $10.

    I'll inspect your pen before I repair it. If the repair will cost more than my original estimate, I'll send you an e-mail with the revised estimate. (This occurs with less than 5% of the pens that I receive.) If you decide not to have me repair the pen, there is no charge for my inspection. I ask only that you pay for return shipping and insurance.

    Here is how you can best ship your pen to me:

    1. Empty any ink from the pen and rinse off the nib. (If the ink is dried on the pen, don't soak it .... just send it as is.)

    2. Wrap your pen in something that will cushion it during shipment. I recommend bubble wrap, or loosely wrapped paper towels.

    3. Put your pen in a small sturdy cardboard box. Don't use a padded envelope as it will not provide enough protection during shipment.

    4. Include this repair form with your information on it.

    5. Don't include money. You can pay me later when the repairs are complete.

    6. Tape the box so the contents won't fall out. (For example, Priority Mail boxes (from the US Post Office) will gap at the corners if crushed, and pens have been know to fall out.)

    7. My shipping address is:



      CARROLLTON, GA 30117 USA

      Business hours are 9 to 5 EST

    8. Insure the pen for the full replacement value, and ship it in a manner that lets you track the delivery. (US Postal Service Delivery Confirmation, Federal Express (FedEx). PLEASE DO NOT SHIP VIA UNITED PARCEL SERVICE(UPS). The lack of service from UPS is staggering. Mailing services, i.e. Mailboxes Etc, typically ship by UPS. Please ask them to use another carrier.

    When your information is complete and correct click here.
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    Then use your print icon on your Internet browser to print your information.

    * denotes required field